Temporary Covid19 Bylaw for Membership

Chester County Corvette Club Bylaws – June 30, 2020
Temporary Covid19 Pandemic Revision
Article V- Members/paragraph 2  

The Membership requirements to prospective members wanting to join the Club has a temporary revision in place since recruitment is difficult without having meetings with the Covid19 pandemic.

This being, a prospective member can join the Club by attending two (2) official Club cruise events instead of having to attend 2 meetings. This is a special revision for the purpose of the pandemic.

NOTE: The prospective member cannot use the member picnic, member Christmas party or any other club sponsored fund supplemented event as the required event.

If we are once again able to resume normal meetings, the present requirement of attending two (2) meetings will be reinstated or be revised as needed for the changing times. Such as, the prospective member will need to attend two (2) club functions being meetings or events. Again, this will be further evaluated when normalcy of meetings resume. This information will be updated as needed.